Before I forget again... when I mentioned the other day about the Kinoma movie format, I forgot to tell you how to extract the movie from the .pdb file in the first place. First you need to find a movie, so google for something like "pdb movie". I found this one on a martial arts site.

$ par x FORM_2.5_Web_Low-Res.pdb

That extracts the data into various-sized chunks named 000.something.pdr, 001.something.pdr, 002.whatever..., which you put together thusly:

$ cat *.pdr > movie.tmp

Then, finally, you can use the script I told you about to dump it:

$ iffdump movie.tmp | head
0x000a mv 00a000
0x0006 mt 00
0x000a sh 667200
0x000e sx 6672000000
0x000a sh 617500
0x000e sx 6175000000
0x0012 ah 00000272000100
0x0004 bt
0x0304 py eb8080bf8080a280808580806880804a80802d80800000000000000000000000
0x2004 ic 0707070707070787878888888888887d07070707070787878788888888887d7d

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