Pisser. This PXE shit is irritating. You ever run hurdles in track? You just build up momentum after the last one, and there's another one right in front of you. If you paced correctly, you'll be on your best leg to jump it; if not, you might kick it over, you might fall down, or you might even twist your ankle. Of course, good runners can take off easily from either leg, but I was never any good :^)

Anyway, back to PXE. I've overcome about 20 hurdles so far, still using Damn Small Linux as my starting point, but now I find out the static ash shell's built-in mount is not nfs-aware. Since I'm not using nfsroot (though at this point I'm starting to consider it), I need to either have a larger initrd to hold a statically- linked mount or I need to build an nfsmount program that doesn't need glibc, which makes the smallest statically-linked program about half a megabyte. Yuck. My old version of postforth doesn't compile on this system, and I don't know why. The larger initrd sounds good but it'll require some tweaking of my scripts, since the miniroot.gz created with a statically-linked mount won't fit the DOS boot image boot.ini. I really ought to get damnsmall or knoppix sources and work from those, but I'm about at my complexity threshold and I know if I go over it I'm gonna be in limbo-land for a few days. Don't want that.

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