I'm really starting to enjoy punishing Sal Wise just a little too much. I've devoting the greater part of the day to this! Whoa, just got another one! He's following along all right!
I see your in the game also.Cool.You got a web site that was viewed about 60 times since its creation.lol.

Did you ever think there could be 2 sal wise's?You got me mixed up with my father was all i said to you but you claim im him so o well.I have no reason to email you so have a nice life but i will add you to the suit since you got jr on your web link.sorry but im not going to be mixed up with my pop.And no im far from sweating bullets.Im up late because i cant sleep due to the medication im on asshole!

I submitted an article to Slashdot on this, but so far I'm 0 for 5 with them so don't hold your breath. Internet business picking up a little, had 5 customers today at an average of about a buck each! Whoa man, we're cooking!

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