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You must be stupider then i thought.So you think my dad is dead?So you think im lieing.And now have a pic of my house.I know exactly who toke that pic and who it is so tell him why not come knock on my door and i will have a talk with him?Haha right im a coward who would piss my pants right?See for your self if im a coward.I will send him home crying but thats ok because i know who it is and acually seen him take that pic.I was right at the bar were he was.Dont believe me thats cool.

Now if you havent heard i am helping you people out and everyone will be paid so stop the crap.enough is enough and if it continues someone will get hurt from all this.Funny how i was right there and seen the pic toke and he didnt even know i was there.Now i know who to look for.Contact justin for more info on the refunds.

What refunds, Sal? Justin hasn't heard anything but more BS from you. Who's gonna get hurt, Sal? Making more threats, are you? No, I don't think you're lying, I know you are. There's a qualitative difference. Money talks. You just make noise. Hey, and what were you doing at the bar? Spending more of my money? Did you at least drink to my health? And isn't that shit bad for your heart condition? Hey, that was real sleazy those pathetic comments you made at healthboards.com. Didja see my nice reply? Hope they haven't deleted it.

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