Do you think Microsoft has finally hit the end of the road? Where even the genius of Dave Cutler can't carry them any farther? There comes a point in every developer's creation that the bloat of added features and the disgusting hacks to the core architecture that enabled those features to be added turns around and bites them in the ass. Actually, we all know there were some problems with the architecture from the get-go. The registry being one very Bad Idea.

I've got 3 computers almost ready now. No luck with NFS mounting the directories from ramdisk, so now I'm going to go the other direction and use an nfsroot, and mount things like /etc, /tmp, and /home from ramdisk on top of the root. At least, that's the plan. Took me days to fix the broken pin on my third monitor, mainly due to lack of proper tools, but I finally got it safety-pinned and band-aided together.

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