From: mich <mich617@comcast.net>
To: jc <jcomeau@jcomeau.com>
Subject: Bullet proof?

LOL.Your case is nothing.I got too much proof that it couldnt of been me.I got yesterday all my hospital records and now it shows it was impossible for me to be emailing people because i was indeed in the hostpital during alot of the coversations.Dont worry my lawyers are working on it.

No need to verify if there is a scooter shop.Come yourself and check it out.Maybe i can sell you a scooter to scoot on home with.

Why not have the guy take a pic of my shop at the corner since you already got the pic of my house?LOL but im still lieing and im a thief and a no good bastard right?God i cant wait till you look like a fool when you are proven wrong.

Also what is this about tennesse?Dude i have no idea what your talking about now.I never emailed you up until lately when i found out you were acussing me of shit.Any old emails you have sure aint from me because i never spoke with you before.I know im a lier though and who wants to believe a lier.This is just pathetic.Aol didnt cancel anything.I never had aol until my dad set it up and i found it when i did the restore.But thats right my father is a angel and he might be dead right?Lol you know so much but in reality know so little.

Anyone that knows my father would die laghing when they hear people acually calling my father a poor guy whos getting falsly accused.God give it up man its getting old.

Like i said before and i will say it again i run from NOBODY!I work everyday when im not sick and never beat a soul.Also your a sick pathetic fuck for going on the health boards and saying that shit.Your making yourself look dumber becase that just shows i really am sick and proves my point that i have been in and out of the hospital.What do you think i was posting on health boards for?Because i got a dame heart condition and was trying to find out info on it.

This is making you look bad and showing people i have been and still am sick and sooner or later people will start to see maybe i have been telling the truth and you really are accusing the wrong person.O i know im a lier and thief though so who cares.LOL Grow up and get a job.If you need work maybe you can help out at my store.

Here Sal, have some more rope. You're doing a great job.

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