I've decided I'm not going to worry about that scooter shop. At this point I'd have no way of knowing that any info I might get on it wouldn't be from Sal himself. So my offer of a dollar is off...

I've also got to refamiliarize myself with OO Perl for a job I'm starting next week. So I've got to detach myself a little from the Philly Scammer. I have to admit, the seed of doubt is planted. Maybe Sal's father is part of this scam - he would be about my age. But whoever it is has been doing this business out of Sal's house at 1941 W. Passyunk for years. So Sal, Jr. would be at least partially liable even if he hadn't cashed any of the checks. But in fact he and Michelle did cash some or all of the checks (Jr. said once that he cashed some of the checks because Dad doesn't have ID - and "Sr." said that both he and Jr. cashed checks at the same store), so he is legally complicit at a minimum. But Occam's razor tells me it's only one person, Sal Jr., who is running the whole show. His dad is definitely at fault for not using a rubber that fateful night in November 1976 though.

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