Spelling errors are of course Sal's not mine:
From: "mich" <mich617@comcast.net>
To: <jcomeau@jcomeau.com>
Subject: Come one now!

Listen john,now once again you are mistaken. Read that lexus post again.It says clearly that i might sell the cluster on ebay.I didnt say i sold it on there.I didnt sell it at all and still have one here.Stop trying to catch me in lies because once again if people read that post from the lexus club they will see i never acually sold it.

Just stop the nonsence.Im not lieing about it so cut it out.I just cant believe you would go on health boards and say that crap when all i was doing was researching my illness.That wasnt cool at all.One thing you are right about and thats my father lived with me for a while and used the computer all the time in his own room and i never used that old computer so i wouldnt of knew what was going on there.

Im trying to sell my car to get you and others money but yet you keep talking trash about me.I could be a ass and just say screw it and dont do nothing at all and deal with the law and take any steps i need to clear my name that way.But i didnt do that now did i?Im trying to help so that everyone is paid and its over with and then i can sue for my money after i find his sorry ass.Now just end it for awhile and i will include you in the refund.I will need proof from all claims before they get paid though.And i didnt see proof yet that you acually paid so i will need to see that before the refunds go out.

My last email so have fun.

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