Still thinking about that windsurfing idea. Wouldn't it piss off the border guards to have people riding the waves between Imperial Beach and Playas de Tijuana every day?

Found other ways to recharge the PDA than spend money at Starbucks: this Kinko's. The Santa Cruz public librarary, in the reference area in the back. There are even outlets at various places along the sidewalk. No need at all to waste almost half my daily food allowance like I did yesterday.

Of course I had to waste it a different way today, checking my gmail on the Kinko's workstation. But that's the last time, because I already switched back to Yahoo! Mail, which I can access from the Clié. Yet another day till I can take the next leg of the journey, the 71 bus to Watsonville for $1.75.

Blogging using the memo pad on a palmtop works great. Fetch MemoDB.pdb using pilot-xfer, split it into the individual memos using par x MemoDB.pdb, then rename the resulting files according to the timestamp scheme I'm using.

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