W00H00! Saved $5.25 in bus fares by striking out early. Headed down route 1 even though it's a freeway. They can't just make every north-south road into a goddamn freeway and expect compliance. I can't fucking walk on water for christsakes.

Well anyway, just over the Monterey county line it becomes an ordinary road. Yay! And not long afterwards a young dude named Kevin, who operates a contract food service (from what I could gather, what those in south Florida lovingly refer to as a roach coach) in Santa Cruz, gave me a lift all the way to Big Sur. Plus a roast beef sandwich and a Foster's! What a guy!

Once I dug out the fig, I just finished the whole thing off. It was too delicious to be inedible. Now it looks as though I'll stay at the ranger station tonight unless I get another offer of a ride.

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