Feet are complaining but I've been continuing to punish them, having now walked south on Broadway to Orcutt. There aren't any buses to SB after all except of course Greyhound. And I'm not about to pay their rates.

This is gonna be one of the deadliest nights of the year on the road so I think I'll just chill (literally!) here tonight. No sense getting killed by some goddamn drunk driver.

There are lots of a certain fruit growing along this road. It looks about the size and shape of a cherry, but it turns a dark purple when ripe, and the fruit pulp has the appearance and flavor of a plum. Very sweet and delicious, however the pit is relatively large so there's very little actual fruit on each. The nut shell is thin and easy to break with the teeth but the meat has the characteristic taste of fruits of this family, which I associate with cyanide.

I also ate a date from one of the roadside palms today. After peeling off the thin outer skin to get rid of the road grime, there was one or two hundredths of an inch of fruit covering the seed. Not a marketable product but still good for foraging!

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