Just woke from sleeping in the park in Los Alamos. Man, was it ever painful getting here; my feet have been cut and punctured so many times! But I'm hoping it'll toughen them up.

Obviously I discarded my previous fears once the Pacific chill started getting to me. I walked along 101, freeway be damned. It was already around 2AM, so traffic was minimal. Only got stopped by a cop once, and he just said to make sure I stayed on the roadside. Not far after that there appeared a sign "Freeway Ends".

Foraging so far yielded a single cluster of green grapes on a vine growing wild against the fence of the sewage treatment plant; and a large prickly pear fruit, magenta-colored and heavenly-tasty. Town water is nasty though, judging by the spigot here at the park. But cheapskates can't be choosy.

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