At Kinko's recharging the Clié after walking all day and night to Mission Valley. I still want to know which buses I could have taken from that last OCTA stop to get to San Ysidro, and think it might be the 931 and 932, but I can check that out some other day.

I checked my Paypal balance today and eBay still had not taken what I owed them, so I spent it on food instead: almost all $1.83 of it. It's amazing the mental contortions people go through when they still buy into the self-contradictory body of ideas promulgated by our culture. I asked the girl at Albertson's meat counter for a dollar's worth of chuck roast. Instead of just telling me they don't make custom cuts, she dithered for several minutes, then came back with a piece of chuck steak, a dollar more per pound. Then she cut off about $3 worth and asked if that were OK. Of course I answered no, that I only had $1. She got flustered then and did a bunch of strange manipulations of the price and weight before finally packaging the whole $5 steak for 78 cents. "Don't tell anyone, I'll get fired", she said, and I considered some snide comment but kept quiet. Should I be happy, or dismayed, that more people don't read Ayn Rand?

Foraging yielded a nice bunch of luscious pomegranates and some barberries. This trip has been a lot of fun, but now I just want to pick up my snailmail and get home.

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