Hacked up a script to convert my Clié memos to blog files. Only partially tested so far.

Got my internet café back online. Had some kids in earlier who kept trying to play the stupidass games, and kept crashing my systems. They finally gave up and left, thank goodness. I tried to explain with my limited spanish that the systems were not optimized for games and in any case could only play Flash and not Shockwave. But I don't think I got the message across. And in any case, I just checked on CartoonNetwork's Mexico site and its games are mostly Shockwave (it indicates all are, but that's not true either). So maybe I'll have to try to persuade the kids to use the U.S. site. Fat chance. Anyway, my current customer seems content with the Flash games, and he's been here for over 2 hours so far. He keeps crashing them too, but at a much slower rate, and he's cool with switching from one system to the next without complaining. His mom just came by and told him to come home, and he refused. Good kid.

I'm going to be making some money in the next few days, if not by programming I'll go to SD and do day labor. I don't need it to live but there's some stuff I want to do that requires angle iron and maybe some brazing equipment. Man cannot expand by bits and bytes alone.

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