Such a short time home and already I'm killing time switching back-and-forth between web forums and email, brain solidly in idle. Listed two packages of iceplants on eBay and one sold almost instantly; got to head back into SD tomorrow to ship it. I also plan on stopping by the Labor Ready office in Chula Vista and registering or whatever so if I need cash someday I can just show up there early in the morning and work for a day doing something brainless, and get paid the same day. Also need to stop by the SSA office and get a copy of my long-lost SS card, then send a copy to exhedra.com for any future rentacoder jobs I might do. If they haven't kicked me off the site already for my bitching after that last episode.

Lots of stuff to do; programming, configuration, and documentation -- but no motivation. I guess it takes time, after spending 3 weeks in survival mode, to plug back in.

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