Iranian officials are cracking down on weblogs, which they (apparently correctly) assess to be taken more seriously by the populace than their own sources of (dis)information. One wonders how long Bushco will wait to start the same shit in the good old USA. Land of the free, yeah, right. Just so long as you don't disagree wid Da Man. Reading the story on Derakhshan's blog, I was impressed not as much by the crackdown but by how long and how many stages it took. Clearly the power is not as centralized there as I would have guessed. Khamenei needs to take some lessons from Shrub. An Iranian Patriot Act, that's what he needs!

My new schedule idea seems to be working. A little progress on multiple fronts. Laying the mycelium, I call it. Then overnight, the mushroom springs up, without warning.

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