Leaving in a few hours for LA again. It's a small job, no money but a chance to learn from another genius (humble, ain't I? NOT.) for free, and I don't even have to guarantee success! On top of that, someone else is paying for the trip! I can't lose.

Tried connecting two solar cells in series yesterday, and got the same voltage as one cell. Does that mean they must be wired in parallel to get higher voltages? That's counterintuitive. And strange. But it'll have to wait till I get back.

On another front, I'm going with a whole new angle on postForth, and that gave me the impetus to finally write a subversion import script to automate the process. It doesn't quite work yet. I think there are some bugs in bash's pushd and popd. It leaves you in limbo-land after the process completes, but other than that it seems to work fine.

Strange, the README doesn't show up in the file listing. Must be something in my Apache settings.

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