Erectile disfunction -- I guess that's what they call it -- sucks. Your cock goes flaccid during intercourse for whatever reason, maybe some freaky thing you thought of for some damnable reason, and it's over. Your woman thinks she's not sexy enough for you any more, and you're scared to attempt intercourse again thinking the same thing might happen; and sure enough, since you're worried about it, it is more likely to happen again.

Had another run-in with some kids in a vehicle, probably the same fools who tried to run me down last July 28. This time it was closer to downtown Columbus; some bug-eyed kid driving an older model silver-colored 2-door import flipped me the bird as he drove north and I was walking south. I turned around with my hands in the air as if to say "what the fuck", and next thing I knew they were waiting for me at the next intersection. I waited until a vehicle was coming north, blocking them from crossing, and walked across. As soon as the truck passed them, they shot across highway 11, aiming right at me. I of course scooted out of their way and they laughed as they passed and drove on west up the street. I got mad and ran after them a ways but my shoes started falling off and I gave up. I continued on into Mexico, and got a ride after another mile or so. I was still steaming until I had my third Pacifico and finished my steak. No incident walking back to town, and got a ride at about the 3rd mile marker from another COSF denizen.

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