What a day. First I fried the primary router of my WDS network by hooking up the cables in reverse polarity. I replaced the router, but can't get WDS working again... bummer.

I did get my neighbor's solar panel mounted, and got paid 1.5 dozen duck eggs in return; she said since they're unwashed, they'll last up to a year without refrigeration. A little hard to believe, but we'll see. If I remember, I'll just use two a month for 9 months, floating them first to see if they're good. If this works, it will be another long-lasting healthy food to keep around. My chorizos are looking good but I haven't tried any of them yet. I'm going to try and wait at least a month before trying the first one, and it's barely been two weeks.

And Wells Fargo hit me with 6 overdraft fees, at 34 bucks a pop, after their rep assured me on the phone two days ago that once the charges shown as "pending" cleared, the account would be closed. Thanks, motherfuckers. I'll try and talk to them, but if they don't want to reduce the charges I just might stiff them as I did Wachovia when they did the same thing. Of course, that doesn't do anything good for my credit rating but I was just granted two new credit cards, so I don't really give a shit. I'm irresponsible with credit anyway, I'm better off not having any.

I think I found a bug in Bochs that causes the timing, on floppy disk reads for example, to be off by an order of magnitude. I don't know why nobody picked up on that before, but I guess few people care about emulating floppy drives, and those few that do probably expect it to be slow. Slow OK, but 4 seconds per cylinder instead of .4 is a bit annoying. I'm trying to find the error in the sources, but I'm a little overwhelmed by them. Less than 200 thousand lines, but being somewhat C++-illiterate, it's daunting.

To top it all off, I'm not feeling so well lately. I've laid off beer for two days, but I'm drinking wine, so it's not much of an improvement. My throat is scratchy and I'm probably dehydrated. But I'm still alive, dammit. Watch out, world.

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