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Back to beer again after 3 days of sticking with red wine, which is far more compatible with my body. Went to the Pink Store and had a couple of Pacificos, followed by café, and a steak while hacking colorForth. I have an idea for troubleshooting its failure to boot on real hardware (it works, so far, only on Bochs and QEMU), using some routines from Geezer's protected-mode demo code. I might get to it later tonight, but for now I'm hooked on getting the Mandelbrot set to display on colorForth. The program is dog-slow and incomplete, but it's far more readable (to me, at least) than Mark Slicker's, and there are ways to speed it up.

I've been thinking I have too much money. I bought a whole bunch of stuff, and now I have about 20 projects going, which overwhelms me and I don't get much done on anything. If I were poorer, I'd have to sell most of my "stuff", leaving me with a more manageable set of projects. Ah, well. I tried to quit my "job" again today but my customer won't let go so easily.

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