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Had a pretty good sleep yesterday afternoon on the Common, but by about 2AM I had had enough of the bars, coffeeshops, and Chinese restaurants, and it was getting pretty damned cold. I came across a closed subway entrance with heat pouring out onto the sidewalk and no homeless guys yet occupying that prime real estate -- so I unrolled my sleeping bag and crashed. Got woken once by a black guy who took the other side and bumped my feet as he was getting his gear laid out, and again by a maintenance worker who was apologetic and kindly as he opened the automatic gate and stepped over me to do his work. But I went quickly back to sleep both times, and was quite well rested when the transit worker came to open the entrance for the day at about 4:50. In fact, I was feeling great. That feeling has had plenty of time to dim by now, though, 6:30, the opening time for the earliest Boston coffeeshops. Actually, this one supposedly opened at 6, but I got tired of waiting and took another walk.

This town has a TAZ in the subway entrances. The cops don't seem to care at this time, and in addition to a warm, comfortable place to stay, there's a free wake-up service. Now I wish I had had my ultraportable wearable computer done for this trip. The laptop is a pain to schlep around, but it's a worse bedmate, especially in a small sleeping bag. And I can't very well leave it showing. If I can interface the ARMmite with the BGW200, and two single-hand chording "keyboards" and some kind of audio chip, I could have a kick-ass little Linux system whose heaviest component will be the NEMA enclosure. I could add video at a later time, when I figure out a way to do it cheap, waterproof, and lightweight.

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