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Couple of ideas: first, I'm going to try soldering a wire to each of the rims of my sunglasses, then attach a little sphere of plastic to each wire, adjusting them to touch my eyeballs at the best place to correct my vision. Experimenting last night shows I can improve it maybe 60 to 80 percent by touching the right spots on each eyeball. That should be good enough to drive or do anything else that requires distance vision.

Then -- I got this idea while walking down Bowdoin Street and looking at the building in which I rented a 5th-floor room for $16/week or so back in 1976 -- a down jacket, pants, and booties should pack smaller than a sleeping bag, and offer the advantage of the warmth while moving as well. Tire sandals can be made to fit over the booties, making them wearable while walking outdoors. Combined with some waterproof stuff sacks and my sil poncho/tarp, it's a pretty complete outdoor-living solution that should fit in a single lightweight shoulder bag. I still need to solve the laptop problem though. Can't very well hide it in my pants pocket. If I actually get the ARMmite/BGW200 thing working, I ought to be able to sell a bunch of them too.

Going to post on eBay an offer to create a custom RSS feed for someone. It might sell in time to pay my server bill before it gets shut down. Cutting it really close this week... oh well.

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