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To help diagnose customer problems, I've written a script to dump the mysterious CMMapP and CMMapG files in the \ConnMgr folder on a PocketPC device. The output can be edited, then reconverted to a CAB provisioning file, but I haven't actually tried this yet to see if the PocketPC will accept it:

dumpcmmap.py ~/my_documents > _setup.xml
vi _setup.xml
makecab /D COMPRESS=OFF _setup.xml newcpf.cpf

If you downloaded them from your Gmail using Firefox, and you have several in your My Documents folder (which I have in my $HOME folder as my_documents thanks to Cygwin's symlinks: ln -s "/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/jcomeau/My Documents" ~/my_documents), you can specify a 2nd arg to indicate the number in parentheses, which is how Firefox indicates version numbers:

dumpcmmap.py ~/my_documents 3  # dumps \My Documents\CMMap*(3)

Here is a sample dump, one that shows a conflict between "*" and "*://127.*/*".

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