9/11 conspiracists, anti-9/11-conspiracists, anti-anti-9/11-conspiracists, ad nauseam... I was just reading through a recent conversation at Tribe.net and might as well reiterate what I've been telling people from Day 1 (or rather, 11)...

First of all, the globalists and the Bush administration gained the most from the attack, regardless of who did it. The usual pattern, problem and solution. "We've been attacked, so you must surrender your freedom and we can protect you better". I remember when I was young, feeling sorry for the Russians that they had to suffer such indignities at the hands of their government, just traveling from town to town. Now the Russkis are comparatively free, and I'm the one treated like a potential terrorist every time I cross the border (which is almost every day) or get on a plane or even a Greyhound bus (thankfully not very often).

I remember reading years ago, before 9/11, that Samson knocking down the twin pillars is a favorite symbol of the globalists. This was probably in one of Icke's books but I haven't seen it since despite several web searches. Anyway, I "knew" when I first heard about the attacks on 9/11 that Bush and the globalists were involved. Several others have told me the same thing. Not that it means anything...

So who did it? In late 2004, Bin Laden supposedly claimed responsibility for the attacks. This meme has been planted so well over the years that many people have forgotten that he originally denied involvement and even foreknowledge of the event but that he was happy it happened. This just doesn't ring true. Islamic militants are always tripping over their dicks stepping up to claim responsibility for any attack on the West. Why would Bin Laden deny it right after it happened instead of grabbing the limelight, then admit it 3 years later? Give me a break.

No, I don't think Bush has the brains to plan such an attack. But he's just one tool of the globalists. They have many other allies and sympathizers more capable that that pinprick.

So go ahead and read all the conspiracy websites, and those debunking the conspiracies, and those that debunk the debunking, and so on, and you still won't have the answer. You'll never have the fucking answer, except possibly if you're in the secret sessions of the most secret meetings of the secret societies that decide what happens in this mighty matrix we call "civilization".

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