Woke up from a strange dream and couldn't get back to sleep. It was one of those dreams where I seem to be hitching a ride in another person's body, as I don't seem to be in control of what "I" am doing.

I was with a friend in some Mediterranean-looking town. We were walking down the street naked, carrying towels; there were casinos on each side of the road, and he went into the one on the opposite side of the street while I decided, since I'd been to the other one twice already, to go to the one on "this" side. So I wrap the towel around my privates and walk in. I go towards the back, and the guy who's supposed to guide me to whatever game it is "I" play seems to be somewhat retarded, but as I talk with him, I realize he can read my mind. I ask him about this, and he confirms that he has the ability.

So, I go across the street to tell my friend about the guy who reads minds. As I'm doing so, there's a black guy in a London Fog coat with his back to us, and it appears that he's listening in on the conversation. In fact, the more he stays there the more I'm sure he's some kind of spy or cop. Eventually he turns around, annoyed that I'm watching him (how did he know?), and as we have some words back-and-forth I realize he's just another fucked-up guy so I say something like "All right dude, I thought you were a cop or something the way you were acting, so just back off". One of his friends then laughed and said something like "Now you're talking! That's what he wants to hear."

I don't remember much else about the dream. I think it switched to another dreamscape with which I'm more familiar, a basement cafeteria I associate, in my dreams, with the Moonies, though it really doesn't exist as such in either the New Yorker nor the Tiffany building, but has some elements of each. Anyway I walk down what resembles a movie theater to the front, then up one of the rear stairs or walkways into the kitchen, and don't know what I'm doing there so I ask if the cafeteria will be open today. Someone says yes, so I turn around to leave, but keep doing strange things like turn on the water and pick things up without knowing why I'm doing them. I woke up soon after that.

In the first part of the dream, I think my "friend" was one of my real-life Israeli friends, Y or Z. If you guys are reading my blog, let me know if this triggers a memory. It might have been a shared dream.

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