Got a ride with some friends into El Paso today, saving me the $10 for one half of the journey. My mission was to find a lengua for my neighbor's birthday, and I did finally find it, not far from downtown, half a block east of Cotton on Myrtle, a meat market called El Paso Meat Company. I walked from there to the border, and surprise! No se puede pasar, hay una bomba. A bomb scare. Had to walk back East 3 blocks to Stanton. No problem, I never knew there was room for peatones on that bridge. Naturally, I couldn't help but wonder if they had their info straight... maybe the charges were on the Stanton Street bridge instead, or on both bridges and they were going to blow the whole goddamned thing just to kill me... OK, so I've been reading too much Heinlein.

Anyway, I got a ride within a half mile of crossing the border at Palomas, and another ride from the gas station to my house... how lucky could I be? I'm pretty wasted on beer by now. I got some data for OpenStreetMap, but I'm pissed off at them for losing the stretch of I-95 I entered a couple days or so ago in Maine starting at the Kittery bridge. Why the fuck do they keep losing hours of my work? Pisses me off bigtime.

Another strange thing: crossing the Rio Grande on Country Club road, it was full of water. Crossing it at Stanton Street bridge it was a mere trickle. Where the fuck did those thousands of gallons per minute go? Is it all sucked out by irrigation pumps between Country Club Road and the border? Is that fair to our Mexican friends?

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