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Over the last few days I haven't gotten any rabbits, but unfortunately I'm driving bolts through them and they're getting away. I hate wasting meat, and I'll likely never see the bolts again. Why can't they just roll over and die?

The COS wireless network had slowed down, so I logged into the OpenWRT router and ran tcpdump. It showed an ICMP scan of the network, hundreds of packets per second scanning the 192.168/16 block. I found out from /tmp/dhcp.leases whose computer it was, and went and checked it out. I turned off one service after another, and WINS Client turned out to be the culprit. Hadn't seen that one before.

Got my thermite powder on Saturday, and using some sparklers I had bought in Deming the other day, set off an ounce or two. Nice flame! It left a little piece of lightweight slag where the pile had been. When I get back from my California trip, I'll play with it some more.

I also got the replacement chargers for my iPod and camera, that I'd lost on the last trip. Those deals on eBay just can't be beat.

I bit the bullet and tried hooking up my RP-SPT70 speakers to a 12V battery today, fully expecting to see the smoke coming out of the electrolytics. Amazingly, it worked great! I now wonder how many other 6V devices can be run off a motorcycle battery without harm. I'm taking the battery in a waistbag, along with one of those cheap 5-watt trickle chargers, and will try using it to charge my iPod. We'll see how that works out.

Leaving from Deming tomorrow on the 9:30 to Los Angeles. It goes East to Las Cruces, then back West again on the same road. Whatever. I'll likely have time to get me a sausage biscuit and coffee and McDonald's before taking off. Not a bad breakfast for a buck fifty... for some reason they usually give me the "senior" price for the coffee without my having to ask.

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