After all my experimentation, I've found the only sure way to irrigate the ears is with those squeeze bulbs from the drugstore. It sometimes takes 10 to 20 squeezes per ear, but it's got the right amount of pressure to get the goop out. I just removed large black chunks of wax from both ears, and the right ear is still kind of painful.

Got precious little rain from the storm front that passed through, but at least the wind is blowing tonight, and I can make some progress on OpenID. Finished that $400 RentACoder.com job with a "10" rating, which ought to boost my Top Coder standing substantially.

Planning on going to Portand, OR around the end of the month. Another friend's wedding, then maybe up to Seattle for a quick tour of the city. Hell, why not into Canada while I'm at it? We'll see...

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