Had this weird dream this morning, which may be recurring (within the dream, I remembered it happening before): a jackrabbit was coming out of my place, while I was outside with the BB gun. I aimed to take a shot at it, but its ears turned into horns. I shot the top of a horn off, but it still had 4 huge horns, the head of a goat, and a Dune-sandworm body, with the consistency of some inedible tubers I dug up the day before. I took another shot at it, but the BB bounced right off. I was wishing I had a more powerful gun with me when I woke up.

My rabbit stew smelled putrid, so after eating a little I threw the rest away. Damn. And I'd already added almost all my amaranth, rice, and veggies trying to thicken it up.

Greyhound has some awesome prices on the web with 10-day advance fares. For example, LA to Deming for $30. I've gotten most of my travel taken care of now. For some reason, I can't purchase the $17-round trip ticket from Portland to Seattle, and I really wanted to see Seattle this time.

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