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I might have already mentioned, but am too beer-buzzed to bother looking: I made it to milepost 251 for 25 miles to complete day 6 of my journey. Leaving the Pueblo casino, past exit 252 there was a usable shoulder of about 1 foot. Can't count the rumble strip, and can't count the slope for rain runoff, particularly when it's angled opposite that of the road, so there you go (I pictured having to explain all this to an officer of the law... I didn't have to). It got back to normal, over 4 feet wide, within about 2 miles.

Then, near the top of the hill past MP 255, a guy was waiting in a pickup. Red Dog, a mixed-mode martial arts fighter and trainer, drove me like a bat out of hell to highway 285 (St. Francis road, exit 282).

Several aborted attempts to sleep during the night. Then when I found net access, headed towards a park. The entrance was effectively hidden; a fire station under construction, and the red curb of a fire lane entering the park: the Imposing Air of Authority. Got my conspiracy mode engaged. Thinking that in a year they could post a notice in the paper regarding the closing of an unused park in plat blah blah blah of the city. And in two years it becomes a new condominium development. Like the Vogons did to Earth for the new intergalactic freeway.

Young guy, didn't get his name, showed me how to adjust my handlebars at Ron and Charlie's bike shop. So now, hopefully, the feeling can come back to the fingers of my right hand.

Then I took the bike path next to the tracks and hit the 2nd St. Brewery. 2 pints of Rod's Best Bitter and an awesome burger and crisp fries later, and I'm having to switch to coffee if I hope to get any programming done. Tom, the bartender, is very accomodating, and the crowd is friendly.

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