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sorry to have to be Captain Obvious, but for those Rip Van Winkles just waking up out of a 30-year slumber: it's no longer "that nation" against "our nation", if it ever was. it's the ruling class, and their appointed enforcers, known as governments, against the rest of us. we must be meek and obedient, accept our chains, and work hard to make the rich richer. we should be ever so grateful they even deign to allow us to live.

as America's last Fourth Turning coalesced for the first time with the worldwide fight for freedom, the coming war must be the oppressed against the oppressors, also on a worldwide scale. at the same time, I believe the power to make it happen can only occur on the local level, the warp and weft of tribe and clan, weaving a new fabric of society without rulers.

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