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so here's one of the ideas I have for Ethereum, but I have no idea if it fits the paradigm or not: divvy up free-range animal meats. farmers who raise healthy animals the old-fashioned way offer meat, and people who want those products pre-pay using Bitcoin into a blockchain-embedded escrow account. let's say Joe wants 2 pounds of pork shoulder. Farmer Jones has his prize pig Ellie listed, who he pledges has only been fed organic vegetables from Andy's Supermarket wastebin. Farmers Smith and Blake also have Ethan and Abner, respectively, listed. Joe chooses Ellie, Abner, and Ethan in that order. when enough orders have been submitted for Jones to consider it a good deal to slaughter Ellie, he submits a hold on the first-choice bids, and a message goes out to the bidders, each encrypted with the bidders' public keys, with the time and date for pickup of their orders. at pickup, each bidder submits a release of their funds from escrow, and Jones is paid in full at the end of the day without any funds changing hands at the time.

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