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jerky came out good, even that which hadn't dried completely was edible. this time all I did was dump some soy sauce on it, added black pepper and red pepper flakes, kneaded, rolled, and put on rattan trays and hung from wires on a tree branch (to keep the goddamned cats from getting it).

finally sharpened my pocketknife to where I could shave with it. not completely, because I kept getting nicked, but enough to know it actually cuts whiskers. the key was not worrying about going back and forth; 80 times each side on the fine, 30 times each on the ultrafine, and 30 times back-and-forth on the strop. probably a lot more to avoid nicks.

made some MMS again today. using a postal scale with a tare setting, added 520 mg of water, then poured in the 80% sodium chlorite to where it went to 800 (for 35 parts to 65 parts water, or 28% final ratio). then did the same with citric acid in another Mason jar, this time 65g acid (all I had) and poured in water to 130g. now I activate one drop of MMS with one drop of citric acid solution. yes, I've seen the warnings; I'm not worried. those who died probably overdosed.

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