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microbatch of sauerkraut I made the other day came out great with about 5 minutes work. doesn't have to be a big production; half a smallish head to a quart jar. cut it up, smash it into the jar with a 1 inch or larger dowel or stick, adding kosher salt as you go, then top it off with water, covering loosely. 3 or 4 days later, it's done.

last night, put my smelly socks, sweaters, and ultraclava in a drybag. into one corner, I put about 10 drops MMS and an equal or greater amount of 50% citric acid. sealed the drybag and left it overnight; almost smell-free this morning. got to try 20 drops next time. this would be a huge water saver if it can be made to work reliably.

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