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gave my awards dinner wristband to the Grateful Dead camp and got them to agree to turn down the music later. I'm going to watch the ribs while my campmates make the rounds of the party camps. the sun, out for only an hour or so, already ducked back behind the clouds.

already on my 2nd bottle of wine. I may not be exactly happy yet, but I'm cheering up.

been thinking about the nixtamalization process, and wondering whether or not it would make an easier job of rendering acorns and buckeyes for eating. will have to experiment with that one of these days, first with pickling lime, then quicklime, then homemade from burned seashells or caliche.

my butane stove, that I bought from the Alphabet Soup thrift store for $15 and found gas canisters for about $4 each at Big 5, is working well for braising the ribs, much better than the propane stove, which is always tippy and has a flame that's hard to turn low without going out.

the chief medic and another race official apologized to me earlier today, at Eureka Natural Foods. it's not their fault I was blocking the channel. I'll just have to do better next year.

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