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couldn't get the netbook to go into hibernation last night, so did a complete shutdown instead. this morning, attempting to start it up, it wouldn't boot to Linux, instead showing me L99 99 99 99...

I'd run into this problem before. it happens when Lilo runs without creating a new C:\debian.bin file for the Windows bootloader. but this time I didn't have my trusty Knoppix USB drive with me. so I had to figure out another way. booted into Windows and installed coLinux, something I didn't know worked on a 64-bit Windows system. then after a few hours of futzing around, I set cofs0=C:\, and root=/dev/sda4 rw init=/bin/bash; started up coLinux; had to mount -a, but dev was still unpopulated, so did mknod /dev/sda4 b 8 4; mounted my Windows partition using mount -t cofs /dev/cofs0 /mnt; and finally dd if=/dev/sda4 of=/mnt/debian.bin bs=512 count=1; shutdown coLinux hard (it doesn't shutdown properly from /bin/bash), and rebooted the netbook. success!

before I finally settled on Bash, I tried numerous attempts at booting normally and in single-user mode, but it would always hang after some message about creating sockets for X.

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