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5/32" internal diameter vaccum hose, part number 56111 at AutoZone, 10 pesos a foot. good stuff. I used it to make my Dromedary bag into a usable ear irrigator, to fix my bicycle pump, and just now to convert my butane stove to work with a 5-gallon propane tank. barring any unforeseen accidents, I won't have to buy any more of those little disposable butane tanks for at least the rest of this winter.

the guys at the AutoZone on the east end of town, 5 de Febrero and Isabela la Católica, were all studiously ignoring me, preferring to stand by the door rather than help anybody. so I just went behind the counter and cut myself off 3 feet, then went up to the cashier and told him the part number and length. paid and was on my way.

ran out of bids at Upwork, so signed up at Guru.com and placed some bids. after getting home from the crosstown trip to AutoZone, found I had 2 jobs. now to get busy.

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