tried an experiment I'd been wanting to do for some time: put some cocoa nibs on my griddle and toasted them for a while, then ground them in a molcajete with some sugar. they didn't make a loud crack, as when toasting coffee beans, as I'd expected, but I guess that's because they had already been crumbled, leaving no trapped gas to cause mini-explosions. in any case, I didn't get a smooth, creamy result, but what I did get was looked and tasted much like brownie crumbs, complete with the nutty crunch and flavor one would expect. I ate almost half a cup straight from the molcajete, and only left a tablespoon or two to cook with. so I made a scone with that remainder, and it also was good, but would have been better with 2 or 3 times the amount of crumbs. that's a keeper for sure.

although these are supposed to be healthier raw, I tired of them, and have had this half a bag for well over a year now. this will ensure I use them up before they go bad.

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