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after reading a half dozen or so labels at Ley the other day, I finally found a yogurt, Chilchota, that doesn't have a whole lot of crap in it. Mexican yogurts in general are full of various sugars and artificial sweeteners, but this one only claims to have regular sugar (sucrose) and "stabilizers" (whatever the heck those might be) besides milk and cultures. it doesn't claim to have active cultures, but luckily it did, as it successfully seeded my most recent liter batch.

I was gifted the rest of a piece of borrego regional, locally grown lamb, which turned out to be part of the neck. it was next to impossible to slice the meat off it, so I boiled it for over an hour. then after it cooled I could take the vertebrae apart piece by piece, and the meat almost fell off as I did so. the spinal cord was pretty gross, but I ate that too.

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