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hurt my ankle today on the jog, and as I've been doing for the past few years, just continued on, slower, limping, until after a couple blocks or so it corrected itself and I slowly picked up speed until I was going at my normal 5-to-6 miles per hour again. the human body truly is a remarkable piece of engineering.

after a few days of my current #1 client being offline, he came back with some good news that another $200 is on its way to me, which takes care of almost all the rest of my January bills. of course, I can't count on it until it's there in my account, and even then it's iffy. just ask the Cypriots, Greeks, or Italians.

at Upwork's urging, I raised my hourly rate to $143.36/hour, which they said would still be competitive. we shall see. I still think the freelancing industry is in a slump, when it's common to see a job posted as "urgent", for a "professional", and offering $5.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but the other day there was a swap meet at the Marina Palmira, and I scored a name-brand (Aqua Lung) snorkel for 50 pesos. I thought for sure it would have one-way valves on both intake and exit. nope, only on exit, and now that I pulled it out to examine it I can't get it back in. how do snorkel manufacturers fail to see that without valves on the intake, the exit valve is almost useless?

there's another idea I've been meaning to share, but it keeps fading in and out of consciousness and I never seem to have the presence of mind, or access to electronic devices, to get it blogged when it's "in". hopefully soon.

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