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finally got teamviewer running from the version 12 i386 tar.xz file. their customer support is all but useless, just the old "try this", "try that" routine without giving any indication what they think is wrong or why they think what they're telling you to try would be of any benefit. in short, like just about every other company's tech support.

anyway, this, combined with getting the Upwork binary working again a few days ago by downgrading libnss3, should enable me to bid on a lot of jobs I couldn't qualify for before.

I have Teamviewer installed on my Android as well, and I was able to control my netbook from it. pretty cool. of course, I always could do most of anything over ssh anyway, but this gives GUI access, a completely different level. now I'm wondering if I can run some things that require OpenGL, like free CAD programs, on an AWS EC2 instance using Teamviewer.

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