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enabled jffs2 on the old Linksys and tried to install tcpdump. 650KB, what? not enough space. so I extracted the ipk file, which is just a tar.gz, and gzipped the binary, and saved it in /jffs/usr/lib, along with the libpcap libraries that did install.

then I created /jffs/usr/sbin/tcpdump:

[ -f /tmp/tcpdump ] || zcat /jffs/usr/lib/tcpdump.gz > /tmp/tcpdump
chmod +x /tmp/tcpdump
exec /tmp/tcpdump "$@"

maybe ugly, but it works. of course you have to chmod +x the above script as well.

now to track down how the Sricam/Floureon cameras are uploading the video data.

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