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that "meat candle" I made the other day with machaca and beef tallow doesn't work very well. I tried to light it day before yesterday and it lit OK, but fizzled out after a bit when the wick flopped into the molten tallow. needs a stiffer wick or maybe it's just that the damned thing is too big. maybe about twice the size of a tea lamp is about the max. anyway, I'll probably try again soon.

the Sonchus and Chenopodium I transplanted look pretty sad. one of the two purslanes still looks good though. I took a different route to the malecon today, and in front of the big abandoned building on Torre Iglesias I found a number of species growing wild, including (here for the first time I think!) Lactuca serriola. also of note is one of the two common tobaccos that grow here, probably Nicotiana obtusifolia; the other is the oft-mentioned (in this blog) N. glauca, which I finally identified as that unknown semisucculent I rescued from the malecon. the crenate edges on the leaves were what threw me off.

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