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back isn't noticeably better yet, but I was able to walk down to the molinito and hang by the pull-up bar for a while, and maybe loosened up the spine a bit.

someone stole my bike sometime in the last 72 hours... really hard to tell exactly when, because I don't exactly look for it every time I go out. now I'm wondering if anything in here is safe, because if someone got in and out with a bicycle over a 10-foot wall with spikes on top, what exactly would he be incapable of?

crossing back across Obregón on my way home, drivers in both directions stopped for me, but a lady behind the southbound driver didn't stop. slammed into him pretty hard, but luckily his damage was minimal compared to her crumpled hood. he might have gotten whiplash and not noticed it though.

I hung around to see if the cops wanted to talk to me, but it was over pretty quickly and nobody asked me anything. I thanked the guy.

just goes to show you, you can make eye contact but you can't predict what those behind are going to do. always hedge your bets.

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