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my favorite beer and liquor store, Los Paceños (formerly M.a., and before that, Gayocla), on Madero at Morelos, had F. Chauvenet red wine for around 58 pesos and Puerto Nuevo, another Malbec blend, for about 62, at the end of last year. well, they then stopped carrying the Chauvenet, and the Puerto Nuevo kept climbing in price, until today is was about 79 pesos. then I looked around, and on the bottom shelf were 1.5 liter bottles of the Chauvenet blend for 87 pesos. of course I bought the latter. it's the equivalent of about USD2.22 per standard 750-ml bottle.

great deal if it tasted good, but it doesn't. sometimes it tastes sweet and raisiny, other times sour and vinegary. sometimes, though, I've tasted rich, complex flavors in it. hopefully tomorrow will be one of those days. as for tonight, I'm just getting wasted from it.

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