sent .01BTC to one of my coinomi wallets, but the transaction hasn't made it into a block yet, and I added a rather generous 130 satoshis/byte fee to it, total .0003BTC or about 5 bucks.

trying to get my local address with $ bitcoin-cli getaccountaddress "" wasn't working; it was giving me an error message stating to do exactly what I had just done... grrr... I checked with good old $ ngrep -ilo . and sure enough, the params array in the RPC call was empty. so I used '""' instead, and it worked. weird.

so anyway, I now know for sure that it's possible to send BTC from the core software without having an up-to-date blockchain. that's useful to know.

next step, after I've gotten the funds from that transfer: try claiming my BTG and BCH.

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