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Conflicted between my desire to do some good by participating in the legal system as a fully-informed juror, and my disgust with dealing with cops and other arrogated "authority". I'm considering requesting a postponement. I don't want to spend the rest of 2012 in jail for contempt of court or some other bullshit charge because I won't act like a slave. [comment]


On the road again, to Santa Cruz, and reminded that I need to research the minimal number and size of supports necessary for restful sleep.

I can't provide a link just now, but before leaving I read in David Codrea's article on the Reese family trial, the government's star witness, a cartelero named Roman, can't keep his lies straight. Good news for the Reeses. [comment]


Today I read that Sally Ride died. I remember her dying in the Challenger disaster in the 1980s. Was I mistaken, or has history been changed? Like that scene in Rambo I've blogged about, things appear to be changing Frequency-style. [comment]


Drying out some seaweed gathered in Tomales Bay yesterday. Rethinking the whole WikiLeaks thing. [comment]


Someone must have noticed my blog. I was given access to the Stratfor files. Watch for coming signs of intelligence. [comment]


Irritated that I need to run Windows in order to use vWorker's AccuTimeCard, I started playing with it in Linux. So far I get it to get as far as give me the buggy warning (same one I get in Windows) about the wrong Java version, then tell me:

Starting update manager
Start up checks failed

I'm pretty sure it's failing due to lack of native code (.so files to match the Windows DLLs) but need more testing. A screenshot is here.



With the release of information from Aurora PD that the shooter had taken 100 mg of Vicodin (which drug-savvy netizens posted must mean 100 mg of hydrocodone, equivalent to 20 500-mg Vicodins) 2.5 hours before the massacre, googled around and found there has been a known link between psychotropics (and other classes of drugs) and homicidal tendencies, for years. So now that these drugs are in our drinking water, thanks to the mental health industry overprescribing them for decades, it isn't altogether unreasonable to posit that random acts of violence, instead of being planned and programmed individually MK-Ultra style, are rather made inevitable either by simple greed of Big Pharma and the medical establishment or by a long-term plan of the ruling class to both incite fear among the masses and reduce the population. [comment]


My primitive plum-wine experiment failed, I checked this morning and found them all rotted. [comment]


Finally got the squelch setting for channel 3 at WorldFest, by cycling through the DCS numbers during radio traffic. For my own reference, it's MR46 on my VX7R. [comment]


There was a fire headed right at us (at the California WorldFest, Nevada County Fairgrounds) but it looks as though CalFire is getting it under control. Too early to tell for sure, though.

The Internet is currently out; it's a Meraki mesh system, IP at, and provides some cool tools to measure speed and shows the mesh configuration. [comment]


Tried figuring out the PL tone in use here at WorldFest using http://www2.dis.org/phon-e/RadioHackin.txt but so far none of the tones let anything through in TSQ mode. But there isn't constant enough traffic for me to really test this way. [comment]


So I didn't miss the plum harvest this year after all! Both the golden and purple plums were ripe. Picked about 3 pounds in a few minutes, and put them in a crock to ferment. Hope it works! [comment]


So Saturday must have been the day of the theft; I moved the rig Sunday, and we left town Monday. There was a city truck around the time of my welding rig getting stolen also. [comment]


So it wasn't the kids I saw walking by a week ago or so who stole my skateboard off lotecnotectu. It was someone in a City of Petaluma white pickup truck. My neighbor Henry caught them in the act. Now I just have to figure out what day it was and file a complaint. [comment]


You can't go too wrong with Oceano, the seafood restaurant at the Peppermill, if you're hungry in Reno. Prices are reasonable, the food well-cooked (even fried! And that's difficult to find anywhere), and the serving sizes generous. That's where a bunch of us went yesterday evening. [comment]


The Moody Blues got it right: it's easier to try than to prove it can't be done. It's a blue world. [comment]


So it turned out to be about 6 miles to the RR tracks, and there was no sign of any hot springs so I turned around and headed back to camp. But people had already gotten worried and were chasing around on the playa looking for me. They caught up with me about a mile from camp, so I walked about 11 miles after 1 12-oz Newcastle and a pint of water, without getting horribly dehydrated. I was only at "dry mouth but can still conjure up enough spit to drink" stage. I was still probably hours from hallucinations; I've only gotten to "no more spit to drink", and that was years ago on the bike trip to Rosarito. [comment]


Walking south to check out some mountains and look for a hot spring. Probably a mirage, but it sure looks like blue water off to the east. [comment]


Jogged over to frogpond, found lots of jackrabbit scat everywhere, cow and deer tracks. The hot spring was open, Rachelle and Jeremy said it had been closed by BLM after a complaint that naked people had been there in the presence of children but now they found the gate open. The fire department had just put out a nasty sooty fire just east of there. Saw lots of jackrabbits on the way back, in the grassy area from the hot springs runoff. [comment]


The wetlands appeared to be artificial, effluent from the Gerlach sewage plant. Damn, and I was hoping to find a secret hot spring known only to locals. [comment]


Noticed rushes growing in a ditch along the train tracks in Gerlach. Lots of water there, baby fish, grasses, bulrush, and cattail. [comment]


It didn't register before that cattails are growing in with the bulrush. Another source of nutrients; this reservoir ought to be able to support a good-sized tribe, maybe 40 people or more. [comment]


Walking the footpath along the west side of the reservoir, found a large patch of mint by water's edge. Like peppermint but with a lemony scent as well. [comment]


Suddenly lots of stubby, rust-colored dragonflies are making the rounds of the reservoir. I didn't see them yesterday nor earlier today, though I've seen plenty of the more common dragon- and damselflies, with mostly-black bodies and bands of bright blue or green. [comment]


Spectacular moonrise over the mountains: a glow, followed by a sliver of white light. Unfortunately two other cars of campers pulled in and set up just about sunset. [comment]


That ground beef had gotten pretty funky. Guess I didn't get it dry enough. Re-cooked it with lots of spices but still couldn't get much down. Left it for the coyotes and vultures. Depending on how toxic it was, the scavengers may be picking at my flesh pretty soon as well. But somehow I believe I'll pull through this one. [comment]


Tried some Calvados tonight that I'd gotten at Trader Joe's yesterday. I'd been wanting to taste it ever since I'd read about it in Remarque's novels about 40 years ago.

Also sampled the bulrush seeds? Cones? Whatever those things are called. Like breakfast cereal, with a nutty crunchiness.

Bulfrogs are singing. No mosquitos. Pleasant evening. [comment]


On my way to Squaw Creek for the night, then to the Black Rock desert for 4th of Juplaya. Officially out of debt, having sent off my COSF payment from the Nixon post office; I was actually in the black, for the first time in about 6 months, as of Monday when I got paid. [comment]


In Reno, La Michoacana is a cheap 24-hour place for Mexican food. Just north of the shopping center where Trader Joe's is on Virginia St South. It's in the Coliseum Meadows shopping center.

There are new (to me) bus shelters both sides of the street between TJ and Whole Foods. And a huge fire burning in the hills to the west; we saw the red-tinted clouds as we came down through Donner Pass. [comment]


If there need be any more confirmation of John Lennon's famous statement that the world is being controlled by psychopaths, one need look no further than Japan, which is bringing a nuclear plant back online against the will of the people and with the long-term effects of the Daiichi meltdown still largely unknown. The reactor 4 cooling system actually had a shutdown over the weekend that could have become catastrophic had it continued another 48 hours or so. Nobody in his right mind would want to continue this madness, knowing that there is no effective way to deal with the consequences of a disaster like that of the Fukushima TEPCO plant in 2011. Hence, I suspect Bilderberger involvement; these crazies don't mind at all the thought of 5 or 6 billion humans being killed over the next few years, in fact they welcome it.

In other news, I jogged about 5 miles this morning through Helen Putnam Park and met Joe and Dan for coffee at Della Fattoria. [comment]

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